Land Rover Range Rover L460 PHEV LWB Autobiography

Land Rover Range Rover L460 PHEV LWB Autobiography


Preț net (Fără TVA)Vândut

Marca/Model: Land Rover L460 LWB Autobiography

Prima inmatriculare: Auto nou

Tractiune: Integrala

Certificat garantie pana la 2 ani valabil la reprezentanta

Posibilitate finantare avans 0-99% pe o perioada 1-60 luni pentru PF

Posibilitate finantare avans 10-50% pe o perioada 12-60 luni pentru PJ

Finantare garantata pentru persoane cu venituri minime sau istoric negativ in raport cu institutiile bancare.

Finantare garantata societati infiintate recent,fara activitate la masini nu mai vechi de 5 ani cu avans 25%

Perioada de finantare 12 ani de la prima inmatriculare

Rata de leasing de la 2506 EUR/luna,  oferta valabila pentru PJ cu avans 20% pe o perioada de 60 luni

Pretul afisat este valabil doar pentru achizitiile prin finantatorii agreati.

Revizie gratuita inainte de livrare

*numai daca intervalul de service este depasit

Livrare oriunde in tara

Formalitatile RAR, numerele provizorii se achita separat.Garantia extinsa este inclusa doar pentru pretul afisat.

  • ABS
  • Adaptive cornering light; all-weather light
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Aer conditionat 4 zone
  • Aer conditionat automat
  • Afisaj dinamic semne circulatie
  • Airbag-uri frontale
  • Airbag-uri laterale
  • Airbag-uri tip cortina
  • Alarma
  • Antena GPS
  • Anvelope run flat
  • Asistent faza lunga
  • Asistent mentinere banda
  • Asistent parcare
  • Asistent schimbare banda
  • Asistent schimbare banda si sistem de mentinere a benzii de circulatie
  • Bancheta cu incalzire
  • Bancheta cu ventilatie
  • Blind Spot Assistant (avertizare unghi mort)
  • Bluetooth
  • Bord digital
  • Bord imbracat in piele
  • Camera 360°
  • Camera marsarier
  • Climatizare automata
  • Computer bord
  • Control electronic al amortizoarelor
  • Directie pe toate rotile
  • Drive Select
  • ESP
  • Faruri digitale
  • Faruri full LED adaptive
  • Geamuri actionate electric
  • Head-up display
  • Incalzire auxiliara
  • incalzire scaune
  • Incarcare wireless telefon
  • Inchidere centralizata
  • Jante aliaj
  • Keyless Entry
  • Keyless Go
  • Lumini ambientale
  • Lumini de zi (LED)
  • Navigatie profesionala
  • Oglinda interioara electrocromatica
  • Oglinzi exterioare electrocromatice
  • Oglinzi incalzite electric
  • Oglinzi rabatabile electric
  • Oglinzi reglabile electric
  • Pachet scaune spate individuale
  • Pachet sport
  • Parbriz incalzit
  • Pilot automat
  • Portbagaj electric
  • Radio
  • Scaune cu masaj fata+spate
  • Scaune cu ventilatie
  • Scaune masaj
  • Scaune reglabile
  • Scaune reglabile electric
  • Scaune reglabile electric, cu memorii
  • Senzori lumini
  • Senzori parcare
  • Senzor ploaie
  • Senzor presiune pneuri
  • Servodirectie
  • Servohaion
  • Servotronic
  • Sistem audio Meridian
  • Sistem Entertainment spate
  • Sistem navigatie
  • Sistem Start/Stop
  • Spalator faruri
  • Stergatoare parbriz automate
  • Stopuri LED
  • Surround view (vedere 360 grade)
  • Suspensie adaptiva
  • Suspensie pneumatica
  • Tapiterie piele
  • Tractiune integrala
  • Trapa actionata electric
  • Trapa panoramica
  • Usi cu functie Soft Close
  • Volan cu padele
  • Volan incalzit
  • Volan multifunctional
  • Volan reglabil
  • Volan reglabil electric
  • Volan sport multifunctional

025CT Garage Door Opener (HomeLink®)
032XX Shadow Exterior Pack
047DB Privacy glass
054DB Domestic plug socket
088EH Gloss Grand Black veneer
129AW 11.4" Rear Seat Entertainment
188KA Home charging cable
188MG SV Bespoke Duo Tone Ebony/Caraway Leather Headlining

002CJ Hungarian Literature Pack 005CM 005CM
005CN 005CN 005GB 005GB
005RA 005RA 009AA Standard Brakes
011AH 011AH 011BJ Remote
016BA External Sound (ENG) Enhancemt 017EE LESS Hot Climate Pack
017GZ LESS Convenience Pack 017HB LESS Premium Pack
017TC LESS Drive Pack 017UC LESS Park Pack
020BK Black Brake Calipers 020CG Brake Pads Low Copper
020JD 398mm front and 380mm rear brakes 021EB Electric Engine Battery PHEV
021GK Charging Equipment-Var 2 (Basic) 021QC Charging Cable-Mode 3(Var 2)
022BC 4 Zone Air Con 022CD A/C Refrigerant HF01234YF
022DC Label A/C Charge HF01234YF 022FA Air Quality Sensor
022GJ Cabin Air Purification Pro 022KC OBD Connector ROW
022LE Standard Heating 025EZ Voice Control
025FG Garage Door Opener (HomeLink®) 025JB Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) Radio
025LV Meridian™ Signature Sound System 025NH PIVI Diamond
025OH Navigation GSR-II 025QA Wi-Fi
025QF SOS Assistance Call 025RA 025RA
025SF 025SF 026AR 026AR
026BK 026BK 026EU Loadspace Partition Net
026FL Seatbelts Electric EU 026JB Wireless device charging
026KC ISOFIX Row 2 iSize 026LD Pivi Pro (Connected)
027BY Electronic Air Suspension 027CW Adaptive Dynamics
027DH Open Differential with Torque Vectoring by Braking 027JD Drive Line Disconnect
027ZY 027ZY 027ZZ 027ZZ
028ET Towbar Prep/Bike Carrier Euro 028FM Towing Eye Cover Graphite Atlas
028HA LESS Towing/Touring Pack 028LA No Towing
029BA Pirelli Tyres 029FJ Tyre Repair System
029LY No spare wheel 030IA All-season tyres
030JA 030JA 030NK Heated, electric, power fold door mirrors with approach lights
and auto-dimming
030NV 030NV 030NW Sensor Occupant ROW with PACOS
030SI 285/45 R22 AS 031BG 2 Convex Mirrors
031BS ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror 031WA 22" Style 1073 DT Gloss Dark G
032DV Heated Steering Wheel 032HW Seatbelt - Caraway
032JM Ebony/Caraway Headlining 032KK SV Bespoke Full Extended Leather Upgrade
032NR SV Bespoke Wood and leather steering wheel 032QB Illuminated seat belt buckles
032VX Standard Exterior/Shadow Pack 033AV Standard seating configuration
033BT Seat Frame - Premium 033DB Rear centre headrest
033DS Row 2 Seat Executive 033FD Map Pocket Mounted
033GP Heated and cooled front seats 033GZ Adjustable driver armrest
033IP Driver and passenger seat memory 033JH Perforated Semi-Aniline leather seats
033LQ Power Cushion Extension 033NB Passenger Seat Away
033QC No Third Row Seats 033RL 2nd Row Headrest Pwr Fore/Aft
033RP 2nd Row Headrest Pwr Height 033RS 2nd Row Headrest Man Winged
033VB Driver/Pass Seat Articulation 033XK Row 2 Seats Heated / Cooled
034CP 034CP 034CV Door Armrest-Split Leather
034LA 034LA 034PF Alternative Colourway-Caraway
034QA Row 2 Executive Deployable Armrest 034RA 034RA
035AA 035AA 035CB Caraway
036AC Euro/Armen/Kazakh 3YR Conn. Service Pack 037DB Tyre Config 1
038AP Speedometer KPH 038ID Interactive Driver Display
038NA IP Contrast - Caraway 039IB Head-up Display
040AK Heated Front Windscreen 040AQ Heated Washer Jets
040AU Stop/Start 041CZ Sliding panoramic roof
043BC 043BC 043BF Twin-speed transfer box (high/low range)
043BN Electric cabin pre-conditioning 045AS Centre Console with Armrest
046AC 046AC 046CB Tank PHEV Less DMTL
047AW Laminated front and rear side glass 047EB Solar Attenuating Windscreen
048AL 048AL 048BJ Illuminated metal treadplates with Autobiography script
049AL Electrically adjustable steering column 049BB All Wheel Steering
Printed 049EA 049EA 051AJ Bright Metal Pedals
053BI Fuel Filler Flap Central Locking 053DB Filler Neck PHEV
053EV EU6d Final-Plus Emission 053FA 053FA
054ES PowerPack 16 055AF Non Locking Wheel Nuts
056AA 056AA 056AH 056AH
056BK 056BK 056BY 056BY
056DC Service Interval 12 Months 056EH Service Distance 17;000 km
057JH Family Badge -Range Rover Graphite Atlas 057RQ Autobiography badge
059DA 059DA 062AD Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
062DB TPMS Warning Light Spec 20% 062EF 22" Wheel
062ZZ 062ZZ 063AA Engine Cover
063AK Auto-folding loadspace cover 064AP Front Fog Lights
064BU Daytime Running Lights (DRL) 064BV Headlamp Power Washers
064HD Grille Graphite Atlas 064HL Headlamp Operation LHD right justify
064LB Cabin lighting 064QN Headlamps = LED Scanning
064RA Active Vanes (Upper, Mid and Lower) 065AN Adaptive Cruise Control with S
065EE Emergency Braking 065FD Animated Directional Indicators
065GA 065GA 066AC Keyless Entry
066CZ 066CZ 067CC Standard Weather Protection Ext Finish
068AC 068AC 069CC Badge Colour Black
070BB Powered gesture tailgate/boot lid 071EG Boot/Tailgate Finisher Graphite Atlas
074PU LESS Technology Pack 074ZZ LESS Capability Pack
076CW Dual Note Electric Horn 076DA Perimetric Alarm
076ED Battery back up sounder system 076EI Double Locking
076EZ 076EZ 076GB Door Lock/Unlock Front & Rear
076GC Door Lock Frequency 434 MHz/UWB 077BA Vehicle Protection Cat 1
078CC Satin Chrome Gearshift Paddles 078CD Auto 8 Speed Trans - 8P80PH
079DU SV Bespoke Carpet mats 079EG Loadspace Floor Versatile
079FZ 079FZ 080AC Body-Coloured Roof
080NP Windsor leather door trim 080RT Bumpers Graphite Atlas
080UX Side Vents - Graphite Atlas 086BH Lane Keep Assist
086DC Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter 086DJ Driver Condition Response
086GM Blind Spot Assist 086GN 3D Surround Camera
086IB Forward Facing Camera 086KD Reverse Traffic Detection Auto
086MC Park Assist 086NB Rear Protection Assist
086SB Occupant Protection Assist 087AX 13.1" Touchscreen
087AY Connected Navigation Pro 087XL Nav Region 1 Europe
088FA Windsor Leather Console 088FE Leather Headlining
088IA Terrain Response 2 088PU IP Windsor Leather
089KA 089KA 090YB Row 2 Headrest Man Tilt
094AB Non-Smoker's Pack 095CB All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC)
095DB Export Shipping ROW 095JB NGPTSQ Low
095PB Domestic plug socket(s) 095RA Enterprise Bill of Material Yes
095SA Engineering Collaboration Structures Yes 095SI Double Charge Socket AC/DC Type 2 Combo
095TA Vehicle Support Structure - Yes 095UA Variant - Yes
096EB Brake Reservoir Cap-Pictorial 096FH Fuel Label Europe
096TA Pictoral Air bag label ROW Jap Mexico 096TL E Approval Label
096UF Tyre Recommended Plate non English 096VA 096VA
097AJ Cert Label Whole Veh Type Approval 099AA 5 Door Estate
100LR Land Rover 101AH Long Wheelbase (LWB)
102AF Door Lock Shields 103AT Petrol/Electric Hybrid
109AA All Wheel Drive 112RB Electric rear side window sunblinds
115AP Twin-blade sunvisors with Illuminated vanity mirrors 116AZ 116AZ
121AK Engine Cooling Fan 1000W 124AF Ebony carpet
138AA VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL 139AQ VIN prefix position 4 - K
140AR VIN prefix position 5 - A 141AB VIN prefix position 6 - B
142AB VIN prefix position 7 - B 143AY VIN prefix position 8 - 4
144BC VIN prefix position 9 - ? (check digit) 145BT VIN prefix position 10 - R
146AA VIN prefix position 11 - A 147AA VIN format - EEC
152HU Power Output - 460PS 153BA 153BA153DA Electric Auxiliary Coolant Pumps 153FB EOC GEN 1
153HE ARNC GEN 3 (4 Headrests) 171AB Wireless device charging
173AB Soft door close 179AA 179AA
180AC Front Seat Cushion Power Fore/Aft 180BC Front Seat Cushion Power Height
180CA Front Seat Cushion Power Tilt 180DB Front Seat Squab Power Recline
180EC Front Headrest Power Fore/Aft 180FC Front Headrest Power Height
180GA Front Headrest Manual Winged 180HA Seat Massage Front
180JA Front Seat Bolster - Power 180KB Front Seat Lumbar - 4 Way
180LL 180LL 183AB Apple CarPlay® (subject to availability)
183CB Android Auto™ (subject to availability) 183FB Connected Navigation Data
183HA 183HA 183MB eSIM
183NE ROW Data Region 184AD Configurable Programs
187FB In-vehicle Controller 188AA 188AA
188LB Public charging cable 189AE Front and Rear Parking Aid
190AD 3.0 AJ20 P6H PHEV 200EA 192AA 192AA
193AB Country Road Assist 194AA 194AA
200EA 3.0 AJ20 P6H PHEV 210AA CCR Cockpit
211AA CCR Centre Console 212AA CCR Seats
214AA CCR Front Bumpers 215AA CCR Rear Bumpers
216AA CCR Door Casing Core 217AA CCR Headlining
220AA KSK Cabin Harness 226AA CCR Suspension 4 Corner Assy
237ZZ 237ZZ 252SF Left Hand Drive (LHD)
257AA 257AA 263AA 263AA
300KZ Exec Class Seats 300MA 300MA
300PZ 24-way heated and cooled, massage electric front seats with
Executive Class rear seats
300RV Range Rover
301AF Row 2 Seat Recline Executive 301BA 301BA
301DB Row 2 Seat Lumbar 301EE 24-way Mem;Htd & Cld;PSA;Msg
301FA 301FA 301GA 301GA
301HA 301HA 301JB Row 2 Seat Memory
301NQ Interior Enviroment Pack 110 302NB Row 2 Seat Cushion Tilt
305BB Noble Chrome Controls 306AA 306AA
308AB Group 1 329AA 329AA
331AA 331AA 370AF MLA High
380AR Autobiography 381AA 381AA
382AA 382AA 383AG Styling - Autobiography
401AP 24-way H&C Mass Elc Frt S 458AC eCall EU
641BJ L460 Range Rover 717SW 717SW
800HG Hungary 900AD Solihull Assembly (UK)
AH460 L460 3.0P AJ20-P6H PHEV AWD 5DR LWB K9999 K9999

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An: 2024
Model: Range Rover
Caroserie: SUV
Combustibil: Plug-in Hybrid
Transmisie: Automata
Putere (CP): 400
Cilindree (cc): 2996
KM: 18
Pret: 165.000€
Culoare exterior: Negru
Culoare interior: Maro
Stare auto: Masini Noi
Tractiune: Integrala